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13 Apr 2014

I occupy myself with this mystery because I want to be a man.-Fyodor Dostoevsky Self-Made Man by Bobbie Carlyle at Quent Cordair Fine Art Columbia Business School recently published my book Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEOs Quest for Meaning and Authenticity . This has led to a number of interviews that Ive generally enjoyed very much. However there is one recurring question I find difficult to answer: What do you do for personal development? The reason I find this question so difficult is that it assumes that personal development is something we do in order to get success. And by success we usually mean having a successful career. It rarely occurs to anyone in our culture that someone (a Trappist monk for example) might become an artist, entrepreneur, leader, or politician as a means to personal development and not the other way around. As a result personal development is compartmentalized; it becomes something we do off the clock and in our spare time in order to get ahead in the real world. Slowly and unwittingly we become like the real estate agent who religiously accompanies his family to church only because being perceived as a family oriented, God fearing man is good for business. This entire world view tragically puts the proverbial cart before the horse.

'We're very competitive': Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett sees personal growth in battle with Cardale Jones |

Barrett can't match that arm strength or size, but Herman has been pleased with his inherent leadership qualities. Barrett said that taking command of an offense is just natural to him. "My biggest thing is to just lead by example. You can't lead anybody if you're not doing right," he said. "You have to have that personal integrity, and I tell that to my guys. I wouldn't actually be able to do it if I didn't do it, so that's biggest thing. Then also developing that trust over time so they can believe in you and believe in what you say." Barrett hasn't been down that he didn't overtake Jones, even though conventional wisdom would suggest that he's more at the center of Meyer's future vision.


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