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11 Apr 2014

~ This will keep you in the Mind Set of... "If they can do it, I can do it"... "If I can do it, other's can do it." WHY is Personal Development the MOST Important Part of your Business and Life? ~ Once you have Confidence and Passion with in yourself,You will Shine through and become Contagious! ~ Others will want to learn from you and follow in your footsteps. ~ In return your Business will Grow and Grow!

Creating Action Plans for Personal Development

Having an action plan is important because it forces the setting of goals and the selection of strategies and tasks to make those goals happen. Working hard is good, but working hard with a plan is even better. Market economies thrive on efficiency and dont normally provide much consideration for the fate of specific individuals. People have to make things happen for themselves and need personal development action plans to efficiently achieve the education, training, and skills necessary for success in life. The Basis of Personal Development In the West, the idea of personal development can be traced to the ancient Greeks. Aristotle maintained in his Nicomachean Ethics that the pursuit of virtues was required to produce flourishing or living well (eudemonia). In modern psychology, Aristotles concepts have been built upon by humanistic psychologists and, personal development seminars currently, by the movement called positive psychology, which emphasizes the positive character traits, behaviors and emotions that are beneficial both to individuals and to society. Personal development can refer both to the self-development or self-improvement of an individual or to the development of others (in school or the workplace, for example). The focus in this article is on an individuals self-improvement.


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