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15 Mar 2014

Wes Woods The World Alive, which is currently on The Unconditional Tour, is looking forward to the festival, which has sold out its VIP passes but not regular passes. The whole lineup is just insane, Smith said of the festival. Some other acts on the San Bernardino lineup include Of Mice & Men, The Story So Far and Attila. The Word Alives latest album is Life Cycles, which was released in July 2012 on Fearless Records and reached No. 50 on the Billboard charts. Smith is known for a vocal style that goes from screaming to singing, a style inspired by his father who listened to acts like Journey, Boston and The Eagles when he was growing up. Those were great singers, he said. Ive always wanted to push myself to learn, get better and expand.

'Princeton Mom' releases self-help book on finding 'THE ONE'

Her letter and now her book was an attempt at giving the advice she wished she had heard during college. To avoid a life of unwanted spinsterhood with cats! you have to smarten up about whats important to you and keep your head in the game, the excerpt reads. You have to plan for your personal happiness with the same commitment and dedication that you plan for your professional success. Honestly, what about that is so controversial? Thats what its really about: understanding whats important to you and prioritizing. When I say, Find a man, what I really mean is Find a man who will respect you. Visit for breaking news , world news , and news about the economy But despite Pattons seemingly sincere advice, her blunt opinion and controversial ideas have already received backlash.

6 Weirdest Self-Help Guru Tips

At times, these celebrity swamis have told me some very interesting things. At other times,theyvemade comments that have left me aghast, agog or just deeply confused. This video listicle compiles my six favorite examples from the latter category. 9 Surprising Meditators Self-help is estimated to be an $11 billion a year industry. I sometimes call it Happiness, Inc. Part of the reasonIveinsisted on interviewing so many of the gurus over the years is that I, too, was interested in getting a little bit happier. WhileIvepicked up a few useful nuggets rooting around in this distinctly American subculture, mostly what I encountered was a riptide of inanity. I did eventually find something extremely useful. Unlike what the gurus promise, however, its not a miracle cure. Theres no positive thinking, no promises of instant wealth.


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