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09 Mar 2014

"It is an initiative, which helps us create base for rural India. Biggest empowerment of women come the from gender neutral," she said. The ticket size of SHG loans is at Rs 1.50 lakh on an average while the interest rate comes around 14 per centfor 1-3 year tenure. In last two and a half year ICICI Bank has extended credit over 70,000 SHGs across 164 districts of seven states including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. As a part of financial inclusion exercise, the bank has opened 1.70 crore zero balance savings or small account over last four years.

Can these pop-sci self-help books make you smarter?

Epley begins by lauding the amazing human capacity to intuit what others are thinking. But pretty soon he is detailing its failings: we are overconfident in our mind-reading abilities; we use our own mind as a template for others, yet confabulate wildly to make sense of ourselves; by stereotyping people we overemphasise differences; we are woefully poor at reading body language; and we constantly misapply our mind-reading talents, dehumanising others while imbuing inanimate objects with human traits. It's compelling stuff. But as I read on, it becomes apparent that Mindwise isn't in fact about personal development success me. Despite Epley's convictions to the contrary, I will complete this book review on time, and I already know that I shouldn't worry too much about what other people think of me, because they seldom do.


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