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16 Oct 2013

Personal development can refer both to the self-development or self-improvement of an individual or to the development of others (in school or the workplace, for example). The focus in this article is on an individuals self-improvement. Key applications of personal development include a persons desire for and path to: educational attainment; See your doctor to get medical clearance for a sensible diet and exercise program . Follow the selected diet or weight loss program using all the tools of behavior modification and habit change available (see the Mayo Clinic Diet for specifics). Combine the calorie restriction of the diet/weight loss program with an aerobic exercise program to help you burn more fat calories and to get fit. Develop the habit of walking every day to help lose weight (or choose an aerobic exercise that you prefer).

Personal Development Training launched

This training course aims to teach Mongolian people effective ways to use their innate talents and potential for a better future. The initiator of the program, human rights lawyer, M.Ichinnorov, stated during the launch, One area in which Mongolia has lagged behind others over the past 20 years is undoubtedly the area of personal psi institute development. The key to success of world famous people has always been in their insight to their inner potential. This training course will not just provide information, it will give participants practical training in many methods to guide them on a path to success. The course will run for three months and will include 17 classes. Professional instructors and leading speakers are facilitating the course, which will teach people how to discover their potential, identify the important things in life, find a path leading to their dreams, eliminate bad habits, gain confidence, lead contented lives using their innate talents, reach success, and achieve financial independence. It is open to participants from all walks of life, including students, business persons, and civil servants. Mongolians living abroad have expressed their willingness to participate in the program. Some 290 people have registered for the training. Training of 50 people began on February 20. Each trainee will receive a book titled Instructions on the art of living, along with a calendar.


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