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09 Oct 2013

Professor Wildon says that many self-help authors offer mantras and Now take a few steps back (in your mind). Move away from the situation to a point where you can now watch the event unfold from a distance and see yourself in the event. As you do this, focus on what has now become the distant you. Now watch the experience unfold as if it were happening to the distant you all over again. Replay the event as it unfolds in your imagination as you observe your distant self. Take a few moments to do this. As you continue to watch the situation unfold to your distant self, try to understand his/her feelings. What were the underlying causes and reasons? MAINTAIN A SENSE OF PURPOSE When everything we do feels futile, we should remind ourselves of our most important goals in life and find ways of making progress toward them.

Exhibition of self-help groups' products starts at Kolhapur Zilla Parishad premises

The five-day festival was inaugurated by the chief executive officer Kolhapur ZP, Vijay Suryawanshi. Assistant project officer of the district rural development agency (DRDA) Madhukar Nirmale said, "Such exhibitions provide a great platform to rural SHGs to display and sell their products at an urban level. The Kolhapur ZP has started branding various products such as pickles and paper bags under the product name of 'Tararani'. We will advertise the products in local shops once people get familiar with them." "The government as well as district administrations across the state organize such events throughout the year to promote the local as well as regional SHGs. In fact many of these groups have won various awards for their product quality at the state level from the government," Nirmale added. According to him, the district has over 10,000 SHGs and more than 1 lakh people are associated with them. Alka Pawar, founder of self development seminars Jai Mata Di Mahila Bachat Gat, said, "Hupari area in the district is famous for silver ornaments. But we started making oxidized jewellery from white metal, which is an alternative to silver jewellery. We get a good response at such exhibitions." Kiran Kamble of the Siddhesh Mahila Bachat Gat, which mainly deals with Kolhapur's traditional footwear from Karveer taluka, exhibitions across the state as well as other states provide a great demand for their product.


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