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26 Sep 2013

CipherCloud Discovers Senorita Streisand Effect Is A Hateful Mistress

In Australia this week to support the launch, CipherCloud founder and CEO, Pravin Kothari, said the company's decision to establish a physical presence in Australia has been driven by both existing customers, including some of the largest banks and healthcare companies, and the rapid regional demand for CipherCloud's portfolio, which provides cloud information protection ( CipherCloud enables organisations to securely adopt cloud applications by overcoming data privacy, data sovereignty, security, and regulatory compliance risks. CipherCloud delivers an open platform with comprehensive security controls including AES 256 -bit encryption, tokenization, cloud data loss prevention, cloud malware detection, and activity monitoring. CipherCloud's ground breaking technology protects sensitive information in real time, before it is sent to the cloud, while enabling CipherCloud the organisation to fully control their encryption keys and preserve application usability and functionality. "Like many countries around the world, Australian organisations want to capitalise on cloud applications in a secure way," said Kothari.

The entire point of marketing is to spread it as far and wide as possible. Using the DMCA notice this way makes it clear that this isn't about copyright at all, but rather about silencing criticism or, in this case, speculation (which is worse, by the way). And, finally, it's fun to note that this move will ultimately fail in both the legal realm and in purpose. The EFF has already weighed in, stating that it's clear that use of the marketing material fell under Fair Use and that the defamation claim is laughably without merit. I dont think theres a court in the country that would hold [the posters] liable for defamation, [Corynne McSherry of the EFF] says.

CipherCloud Delivers Encryption for Box, Further Extending Cloud Information Protection

The encryption keys are retained by the customer enabling them to have complete control over their data and assuring compliance of their sensitive information. While files are encrypted in Box, they can still be easily accessed and decrypted by authorized users from anywhere, on any device. While others vendors tout server-side or file sync-and-share (FSS) encryption for cloud storage and collaboration, both approaches contain pitfalls and risks including the cloud provider holding onto the keys, insider threats, and the complexity of administering. CipherCloud's offering enables tighter data privacy, security and compliance and ensures that the customer is always in control of their information. CipherCloud is seamlessly integrated to Box and completely transparent to users whilepreserving the benefits of Box and assuring that no third parties can gain unauthorized access to an organization's information. The solution fully leverages Box APIs to scan content in real-time as it is uploaded and detects sensitive information based on the organization's policies, including industry and country regulations GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, the EU Data Protection Act, UK ICO guidance, the Australian Privacy Amendment Act and US State Privacy Laws. "Box is growing rapidly in popularity among organizationsas they look to improve employee collaboration and productivity while lowering costs," said Pravin Kothari, founder and CEO of CipherCloud.


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