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26 Sep 2013

Personal Development for Trainee Counsellors

Counselling and Self-Disclosure But stay positive and motivated and dont let others tell you cant accomplish something if youre confident that you can. You can usually achieve the things that you really think you can do. Sample Personal Development Action Plan Here is a sample action plan for health improvement. This sample plan contains a weight loss goal and distinct tasks to achieve that goal, but people need to create action plans that are specific to their own personal needs and circumstances. Health Improvement Goal: Lose 30 pounds of fat within six months Sample action plan with numbered tasks: Choose their website a reputable diet or weight loss program like Weight Watchers or follow the Mayo Clinic Diet. See your doctor to get medical clearance for a sensible diet and exercise program .

Setting Goals for Senior Health According to Michael Burgoon, in Human Communication "it is vital, as part of her own development, that she becomes intimately acquainted with her own material as self-awareness allows us to discriminate between our own problems and those of the client". Ongoing Self Awareness Another important factor is the honest realisation of the counsellor's professional and personal limits. Worden (2003) sees a lack of self-awareness as an impediment to meaningful and helpful interventions. Additionally, the importance of self-awareness is vital when considering the area of self-disclosure which may be an issue for some. Supervision Professional supervision is another arena whereby personal issues that are impeding therapeutic processes with a client can be identified. Afterall, counselling is arduous work and it is necessary to be at the peak of emotional health.


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