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18 Sep 2013

CipherCloud delivers encryption for box

However, the most obvious change is that physical walls web link are no longer available to protect your systems and data. Cloud Encryption is the answer producing mathematical walls to replace the physical ones. securing the foggy boundaries of the cloud presents a new set of challenges. Cloud Encryption is the answer producing mathematical walls to replace the physical ones. Are these challenges manageable? Yes. Should you take them on? Yes.

While files are encrypted in Box, they can still be easily accessed and decrypted by authorized users from anywhere, on any device. While others vendors tout server-side or file sync-and-share (FSS) encryption for cloud storage and collaboration, both approaches contain pitfalls and risks including the cloud provider holding onto the keys, insider threats, and the complexity of administering. CipherCloud's offering enables tighter data privacy, security and compliance and ensures that the customer is always in control of their information. CipherCloud is seamlessly integrated to Box and completely transparent to users while preserving the benefits of Box and assuring that no third parties can gain unauthorized access to an organization's information. The solution fully leverages Box APIs to scan content in real-time as it is uploaded and detects sensitive information based on the organization's policies, including industry and country regulations - GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, the EU Data Protection Act, UK ICO guidance, the Australian Privacy Amendment Act and US State Privacy Laws. "Box is growing rapidly in popularity among organizations as they look to improve employee collaboration and productivity while lowering costs," said Pravin Kothari, founder and CEO of CipherCloud. "But making this transition to the Cloud also raises new and significant risks to the security, privacy and compliance of essential corporate information stored in the cloud." Based on a customer's policies, CipherCloud can enforce a range of actions including alert, block, restrict sharing, quarantine, or automatically encrypting sensitive files.


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