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30 Aug 2013

ADEC is organizing curriculum training in the week before students report to schools to ensure that all teachers have the knowledge and skills necessary to implement the curriculum. Kindergarten to Grade 6 teachers will be familiarized with new learning outcomes and teaching approaches related to Arabic Language, English, Mathematics, Science, Integrated Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, Art, Music and Information and Communication Technology /ICT/. Grade 12 teachers will also receive training on CEPA in order to support their students to prepare for the university entrance examination through their curriculum learning. "There is a particular focus on the roll out of the NSM in Grade 6 /Cycle 2/, especially in subjects such as Arabic, English, Mathematics, Science and Integrated Social Studies. Both Arabic and English Medium Teachers in Grade 6 will receive training on the new learning outcomes, teaching approaches and assessment components related to the NSM. It's one thing to talk about the NSM, but it's another thing to apply these approaches to classroom practice. We are supporting our teachers to do this," said Dr. Karima Al Mazroui, ADEC's Curriculum Division Manager.

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Olympic bobsledder for personal, professional development seminar

Additionally, there is no other career/institution that I can think of that forces you to grow up as quickly and develop leadership skills so early in your life. The intangible skills that you pick up while in the army are unparalleled. I clearly remember how disconnected I felt from many of my peers when I first came back from Sandhurst because I had grown so much in such a relatively short space of time. BE: What about your family life; are you married and do you have children? DH: Yes, I will be married to Nicole for nine years in July. She is Grenadian. We have three girls (Yanitza - 15, Summer - five and Cameron - two years old). I also have two sons: Devon - 22 (the only Jamaican born) and Brandon - 15. Harris is in demand as a speaker to businesses, foundations, government organisations, schools and universities on themes of personal development, persistence and teamwork.

Lance Hood, the Modern-Day Napoleon Hill, Coaches Success Through his Many Personal Development Seminars

The next question Lance asked was about how to find and undervalued business. Richard explained how lots of them exist; the simple answer is to look; check the internet, classifieds, talk to accountants, attorneys and bankers. Network with business owners, attend workshops and seminars where business owners are likely to be found, and just get the word out that you are looking to buy a business. There are at least 10 -13 million small businesses in the United States, so there is no shortage of businesses available. Between 1990 and 2008, Parker has bought ten businesses and started several more. He is the author of seven comprehensive programs on how to buy a business and he is a monthly columnist for an investor magazine. Investors and people looking to buy a business can go to to learn more about Richard Parker ask questions and attend his teleseminars. Lance Hood and Heartland Success is dedicated and committed to helping people succeed in their personal and business life by providing access to millionaires and experts, success coaches, in wealth creation and personal development through interviews and other resources.


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