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02 Jul 2013

The world is just headed that way, and Box is url one of the frontrunners in this race. To stay in front the company today announces new security measures, using CipherCloud. This is in response to a growing need to prevent malware in this burgeoning market. WeisenLi of Box, tells us "Im excited to announce the availability of CipherCloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Box. CipherCloud DLP for Box helps admins apply corporate DLP policies on content in Box while keeping it simple for end users". The update will scanall content uploaded to Box and provide enforcement actions including alerts, quarantine, block, prevent sharing and other customizable security options. This means that if a user uploads a document which contains restricted data like a social security number, and violates company policy, then the file is automatically moved to a quarantine folder.

Crypto Cloud Skewers Itself With Defamation Claim

Thats the best way to sum up the controversy that descended on a company called CipherCloud over the past several days. Based in San Jose, California, CipherCloud runs an online service that promises to encrypt all the data you store in cloud applications such as and Gmail, so your secrets will be safe from prying eyes. That certainly sounds like a useful service, but the company has come under fire because it wont explain how the service works. Though the company claims its just trying to protect its intellectual property, others arent so sure. This is so often the case with public web services.


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